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Learn more about our team of tiny house builders!

Our team of professionals have come together for a common goal: to create beautiful and affordable homes. 
Located in beautiful Lancaster County, we build tiny homes that are shipped nationwide. Our team was born and raised in an area that is known for its rich history of creating beautiful products. From craftsmen to farmers, Lancaster has been at the forefront of crafting the regions culture for many years. Lancaster's craftsmen build and update many of the homes from here to Philadelphia. 
Liberation Tiny Homes is no different. We design, build, and ship tiny houses on wheels throughout America. Our 65 combined years of experience in the construction industry comes through in the quality of our homes. With young and energetic entrepreneurs leading the way, you can expect to find the help you are looking for when beginning your new life. 
We believe in Lancaster. Many of our materials are sourced locally from talented and professional businesses. We align ourselves with like-minded business owners who believe in their clients. 
The tiny house industry is emerging as a viable option for those that are looking to take control of their lives. Tiny living and a minimalistic lifestyle are finally within reach.
We would be thrilled to build your new tiny home!



Owner & Founder

Lead Designer

5 years ago, James took the initiative to build a tiny home in his backyard in Lancaster along with his wife, Rosemary. They eventually started a business as the orders kept coming in. He made the comment a few times that he "never knew it would grow to be something like this!"

James and Rosemary's vision has seen this little baby of a business blossom from that small idea in their backyard. 70+ projects later, they have successfully steered this group to what you see today: one of the most reputable tiny home businesses in the country.

Our team rarely feels like they are coming to work. Instead, James has built a culture of empowering those around him while working hard and having fun. "Successful leaders learn what OTHERS are good at." James has always lived this out and our team is better for it. He always brings out the best in everybody around him.

On his down time, you'll find him hitting golf balls, in his dark room creating beautiful film photography, or reading a good book.


Head of Finances

Interior Decorator

Head of HR

This is Rosemary. She has been a vital part of our team since founding the company with her husband James almost 5 years ago.

While splitting her time with raising their children, working with other businesses in the area, and being the CFO at Liberation, Rosemary has become a strong leader and a savvy businesswoman.


Full of inspiration, laughs, and hard work; Rose steers this ship forward. She spends her time at Liberation taking care of the finances of a fast-growing business and adding design touches to our latest homes.


Away from work, she raises two boys, keeps James in check with his golf addiction, and is a fantastic host at their home in Ronks.


We can't thank her enough for all that she has done, and will continue to do, here at Liberation!


Marketing & Sales | Project Management

Content Creator and Web Developer

Head of Culture 

Marcus was with us from the very beginning as a partner, and helped us get started on a healthy path as a fledgling company. He was on our team part time for the first 2 years and was an integral part of setting up our marketing strategies to help create the vision and products that you see today.

In June of 2018 he joined Liberation full time and is now the office manager, website designer, and guides us on many of the big picture decisions. He also writes most of our content on the website and newsletters, and has created many systems that help us stick to our goals.

He brings a passionate, energetic, and humorous spirit to our team and we all agree that he is the glue that holds all of us together and makes work more enjoyable!

In his off time you'll find him obsessively following baseball and football (among many other sports). He is also one of the foodies on our team and is passionate about fellowship and food, and often shares his delicious creations with us!


Head of Sales


Client/Project Management

Matt is your first contact when reaching out to us here at Liberation. When he came in looking for a job about a year and a half ago, he was completely new to us. Right off the bat, he wowed us with his versatile skill set. We didn't have a specific role carved out for him but he eventually found his way into our office team. Now, he is our head of sales and handles the scheduling of our production team.

Matt has helped to transform our sales and estimating process from the ground up. His detailed nature has helped us with the various aspects of sales & estimating and to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

His love for people and meticulous nature flow through everything he does. We know that when a house leaves that it is up to his high standard and it is ready for you to live your new life in. He has become an integral part of our development as a business!

Away from work, Matt hosts guests in his successful Airbnb's here in Lancaster. There isn't a place in the world where Matt hasn't been (kind of a joke, but seriously, he's been everywhere) and since he loves a well crafted dish or drink, he fits right in with our in-house foodies.


Head of Framing

General Carpenter

Material Ordering

Other than the owners, Allen was the second full-time employee to jump on board here at Liberation!


Brother to James, Allen is another strong craftsman on our team. With over 10 years of experience in carpentry and general construction, Allen is our lead on the framing side of the shop. Each shell and finished home has his mark of excellence, including the framing, interior wall boards & siding.

Allen brings a hard-working attitude to the team. Full of energy and laughs, he is a vital team member!

Allen and his wife just recently welcomed their first child to the world! It's exciting to see their young family grow and to see Allen develop as a leader & a father.


Head of Fine Woodworking

General Carpenter

Skip was the first full-time employee that James and Rose hired for Liberation. Skip has an extensive background in roofing and general carpentry. Not only does he make sure all of our homes leave with a proper roof, he is now the main team member behind cabinetry and custom built-ins.


Most of the team is high-energy but Skip brings a level of calm to our team vibe. It makes for a good balance in the shop. He is a "first to show up, last to leave" kind of guy and goes above and beyond what is asked. Skip is a great addition to our events & open house team, as his love for people comes through.

Skip and his wife are two incredible cooks. They frequently cook meals for the crew and leave everyone speechless because of how good they are. Skip specializes in smoking meat but there is nothing he can't cook. We will lose Skip one day to his true calling: owning a restaurant or food truck. Skip is also an incredible father to his 3 children. His calm spirit comes in handy, for sure.

Unfortunately, Skip has his flaws: he is a Dallas Cowboys fan. His strength and endurance training come from waiting for their next Super Bowl win, which will (probably) never happen.


Head of Painting

Jeff first came to Liberation as an owner of a painting company. He helped us on a few projects when we were in a pinch. We loved his work so much that we convinced him to join our team!


Now Jeff oversees all of our interior & exterior painting. He also is a big part of our shop flow and assists with scheduling our various departments on the floor.

Jeff shows tremendous dedication to improving his craft, developing ways our company can improve, and assisting anybody with anything. His wide range of previous experience comes in handy here at Liberation. Almost every week we find out something new about his skill-set and it becomes almost easier to say what Jeff HASN'T done.

Away from work, Jeff is a great friend and an awesome father to his children. It will be exciting to see where he goes from here and what other traits he reveals to Liberation. 


Head of Electrical & Plumbing

Home Systems

Henry came to our business as a member of Jeff's painting crew. Henry also decided to make the change to come over to Liberation at the same time and we are so thankful he did!

Henry brings a versatile skill-set to the table. Not only is he a member of our paint crew but he also handles our electrical work. If a client purchases solar packages for their home, Henry would be the lead on that.

Henry brings a lot to the table not only as an employee but as a person. He is a deep thinker and is a great conversationalist. Henry is an amazing friend and is always willing to help out wherever needed, both here and outside of work.


General Carpenter


Framing Assistant

Micah is a Lancaster local who joined our team nearly a year and a half ago. Young in age but ahead of the curve in regards to his life goals and vision.

Micah is a member of our framing team but also handles the wall boards, windows, and siding of our tiny homes.

On his own time, Micah is renovating a school bus into a "schoolie", which can be lived in and is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom/shower, bedroom, and living area.

Micah is a huge fan of basketball and will one day appear on America Ninja Warrior!





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