Learn more about our team of tiny house builders!

Our team of professionals have come together for a common goal: to create beautiful and affordable homes. 
Located in beautiful Lancaster County, we build tiny homes that are shipped nationwide. Our team was born and raised in an area that is known for its rich history of creating beautiful products. From craftsmen to farmers, Lancaster has been at the forefront of crafting the regions culture for many years. Lancaster's craftsmen build and update many of the homes from here to Philadelphia. 
Liberation Tiny Homes is no different. We design, build, and ship tiny houses on wheels throughout America. Our many combined years of experience in the construction industry comes through in the quality of our homes. With young and energetic entrepreneurs leading the way, you can expect to find the help you are looking for when beginning your new life. 
We believe in Lancaster. Many of our materials are sourced locally from talented and professional businesses. We align ourselves with like-minded business owners who believe in their clients. 
The tiny house industry is emerging as a viable option for those that are looking to take control of their lives. Tiny living and a minimalistic lifestyle are finally within reach.
We would be thrilled to build your new tiny home!





New Sales

Project Management

Melissa is your first contact here at Liberation! She works with you during the initial quote process, answers your tiny house questions, and gets you started on the right foot. 

Melissa is perfect for this because she lives in her own tiny house! Liberation built her gooseneck home and she uses that experience to help other tiny home buyers. 

She also assists with many of the tiny home projects here as a part of the project management team. 





Project Manager

Leadership Team

As your home moves through the initial stages, James begins the process of designing your home. 

Part of the founding team here at Liberation, James' dedication to building up the business has led it to where it is today. 

James is our key integrator and makes sure our vision matches up with our capabilities as we continue to grow. 





Project Manager

Leadership Team

After your first connection with Liberation, Matt manages your project and makes sure everything flows well from start to finish. 

He helps you work through our design selections, orders nearly everything that goes into your home, and works with our team leads to make sure your dream home is realized. 




Head of Finances

This is Rosemary. She has been a vital part of our team since founding the company with her husband James almost 5 years ago.

While splitting her time with raising their children, working with other businesses in the area, and being the CFO at Liberation, Rosemary has become a strong leader and a savvy businesswoman.


Leadership Team

Office Manager


Marcus was with us from the very beginning as a partner, and helped us get started on a healthy path as a fledgling company.

Today he oversees our personnel, makes sure everyone has what they need, and helps to direct the leadership team towards our next steps as a business. 




Head of Framing

Material Ordering

After the home is created in 3D, the trailer is ordered and your home can begin construction!

Our framing crew creates the bones of the home with 2x4 wood construction, insulates the home, and gets ready for the exterior products to be applied. 

Allen is a strong leader for our framing team and his wealth of experience comes through in our framing bay!



General Carpenter

Micah is a member of our framing team and also handles the wall boards, windows, and siding of our tiny homes.

He is a well-rounded carpenter and you'll see his work on many aspects of your tiny home. 



General Carpenter

Josh is a skilled craftsman who handles several things here at Liberation. 

He is the team member who handles the roofing, tile, and general carpentry in your tiny home. 





Electrical & Plumbing Lead

Henry brings a versatile skill-set to the table. He handles our electrical systems and works with our out-of-house plumbers. 

Henry brings a lot to the table not only as an employee but as a person. He is a deep thinker and is a great conversationalist. Henry is an amazing friend and is always willing to help out wherever needed, both here and outside of work.



Head of Fine Woodworking

General Carpenter

Skip was the first full-time employee that James and Rose hired for Liberation. He is our cabinetry lead and makes sure all of our kitchens & built-ins are up to our standard. 


Skip brings a level of calm to our team vibe. It makes for a good balance in the shop. 


Fine Woodworking

Jonas is one of our latest hires and brings plenty of experience to his role here at Liberation. 

He assists with the kitchen and built-ins but also handles many of our finish-outs of the home. This includes fixtures, appliance installs, and leading the charge to finish our projects on time. 


Jeff-3 (1).jpg


Painting Lead

Jeff oversees all of our interior & exterior painting. 

He is well-versed in many things and it shows on the shop floor, where he makes sure nothing falls through the cracks during your project. 



Painting Assistant

Dan is one of the newest members of our paint team!

He adds tremendous value on the shop floor and handles many of the large paint jobs that come through. 

He is growing everyday in his role and is a big reason our paint team is as strong as it is. 



Painting Assistant

Charlie works at Liberation part-time handling a lot of our paint prep and assists Jeff & Dan on the shop floor. 

He is a strong asset at the end of project when we are buttoning up your home before it goes out the door.



General Carpentry

Christopher is the nephew of James and Allen and brings a fresh energy to the group!

Christopher generally assists with the framing team but is a big help all over the shop. 

He is young but super talented and we are grateful to have him here!