5 Pieces of Tech That Can Help Secure Your Tiny Home

In the current day and age, personal security has become essential. The continuously increasing crime rates have many people concerned about the safety of their families and properties. Alarming statistics from the FBI show that theft and armed robberies have become the most common crimes in the US, and a significant percentage of the reported crimes happen in residential areas. However, most homes in the US still don't have any means of security implemented.

Though security threats are increasing, we can also see a dramatic improvement in the tech that is used to prevent them. These days home security gadgets are easily accessible, and they have numerous excellent features that can deter criminals and keep them off your property.

To help you implement modern security to your home, we have prepared a list of some of the best tech devices that you can use. Hence, keep reading this post to learn more.

Smart door locks:

Most people still rely on chain-locks to keep their home secure. These locks are quite frail, and they can easily be broken with a solid kick or shove. Therefore, you need to implement a stronger access security plan.

Add deadbolts to your door and install a smart door lock. These locks have built-in security cameras, and they can be opened through bio-metric parameters such as your voice, thumbprint or face image.

Moreover, statistics have shown that a vast number of burglars break in through the front door, therefore upgrading your access security can have tremendous benefits.

Smart Alarm Systems:

Though the commonly used security cameras can be useful in most scenarios, they do have some loopholes. Sometimes, the criminals don't even notice that there are cameras installed and hence they aren't deterred. However, if you add a smart alarm system to your home, your security will improve significantly.

A smart alarm system uses multiple sensors all around the house to ensure that no one can break into it. And if anyone does try to break in, the loud alarm will send them running.

You can either implement a powerful alarm system or go for a silent alarm that automatically alerts the local police and notifies you on your phone.

Wireless Security Cameras:

Security cameras are one of the most commonly used surveillance technologies. They are an effective deterrent, and modern wireless cameras are also very easy and straightforward to install and use. Moreover, they have some fantastic attributes that take the security of your home to the next level. Here are some of the standard features that are prevalent in modern security cameras.

1. Motion Detection:

Modern cars have smart motion detection capabilities, which means that they could identify whether a person or an animal causes the movement. Moreover, you can specify custom high-interest areas, and if a move is detected in those areas, you will get a notification on your phone.

2. Remote Viewing:

These days, you don't need to set up a monitoring system for your cameras. You can easily view their footage remotely on your phone as long as you have an active internet connection.

3. Wide-angle HD lenses:

Modern cameras have high-quality lenses that have a very vast field of view. You can even get security cameras that record 4K footage.

4.Two-way communication:

While you are remotely viewing your cameras footage, you can also use the two-way communication feature to transfer voice through the cameras. This feature is handy if you are using your cameras to monitor your children.

5. Built-in alarms systems:

Some modern surveillance cameras also have integrated alarm systems that can be triggered through motion detection.

6. Cloud storage:

You don't have to worry about setting up a DVR either for modern wireless cameras; all the footage is regularly uploaded to the cloud, which also improves security as the footage can't be tampered with by an unauthorized person.

You can also use modern wireless cctv security systems for business applications. They can be perfect for securing a shop or a small office. However, for a more extensive application like monitoring an entire building or a supermarket, wired cameras are more efficient.

Secure WIFI routers:

While focusing on physical security, most people forget about the safety of their networks. These days thieves don't have to break into your home to steal from you. Hackers can bypass your network security and remotely take valuable information like credit card pin codes.

Moreover, if you have a connected home, hackers can control several features by accessing your network. Therefore, you must install a high-quality WIFI router in your home. These routers have stronger encryptions, and they are challenging to bypass.

Remember to keep changing your Wi-Fi password regularly as well, especially if you let someone from the neighborhood or a guest log into it.

Smart automated lights:

Thieves always look for homes that are easy to steal from, which means that homes that empty homes are at more substantial risk. Studies have indicated that more than seventy per cent of burglaries happen when nobody is at home.

However, smart bulbs and lights can make it look like you are still home even if you are on vacation. You can turn them on or off with your phone, or they can also be programmed to turn on automatically at a specific time. This can make your home look occupied, and it will deter criminals.

You can also find some smart lights that make it look like the TV is turned on; this light can be used to deter thieves who may try to break-in while you're sleeping.

You can also install some outdoor, motion-activated floodlights to keep night crawling criminals away from your property.

To sum it all up, crime rates are increasing significantly, but so are the technologies that can be used to deter them. However, the vast majority of homeowners still don't make use of these security technologies. Therefore, we have mentioned some of the most effective security gadgets that are perfect for keeping your home and your family safe and sound.

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