A Liberating Vision

Over the past week, we have made some changes to our business. We wanted to take a new leap into the unknown by creating new branding, by adding some features to our website, and to be a better resource to our clients & followers.

The Bird

What does Liberation actually mean to us? We realized early in our business that we are simply dot-connectors. As cliche as it sounds, we are a business that assists folks from all walks of life towards realizing their dreams. Everyone walks through our doors with a spark. Our role is to ignite the flame.

Tiny home living is a liberating dream. It means so much to so many. Whether it's the young couple that wants to spend their most exciting years together being close, working from home & traveling, and crafting a life that sets the tone for the future. It can mean a getaway spot for someone who wants to enjoy nature or to spend more time with their family away from the office. It can mean extra income for a family that wants to rent one out as a nightly rental. Extra income means more opportunities for things that matter.

To us, that liberating feeling is what we are trying to accomplish. We want those that walk through our door to feel like they have a brand new set of wings and they can finally fly.

The new bird on our logo showcases that to us and to our clients. It's a reminder to our employees that we are building something more than just a 4-walled structure. It means everything to our clients, who are leaning on us to help craft the dream that they have been dreaming for years.

The Setup

Our new website has a new layout that had ease-of-use in mind. We wanted to make things simple but provide information about our business. Since we always try to improve, our digital marketing is ever evolving. Which means that you can frequently check back to our website for fresh content. We take time on everything from our photos to our written copy because we know how important it is for our biggest fans.

Our story can be told simply: we want to build beautiful structures that complete someone's vision. We are simply builders. We doubled-down on what we do best and we hope that relays through our social media content and our site designs.

New to our site is a really great piece of content. On the PC version, you can head over to the Shop section and visit Our Homes. Each home has a catalog that can be viewed and they offer an outline of each home & their materials. Now you can fully visualize each home and how it might look with your design inclusions.

The Future

With so much going on, what does our next year look like? Liberation has been growing for the past year. We doubled our production space. Tripled our staff and now it feels like a complex business. We realize that the mom-and-pop shop that we used to be is still there but we have processes that are in place to be efficient and streamlined. We have a new member of our sales team, James has taken on the role of lead designer, and I jumped onto the team full-time to help take this company to the next level. All that being said, we feel our quality has improved, our timelines have sped up, and we are better suited to handle your project than ever before.

All this is being done with a product that is not legal everywhere. That is changing too. Many amazing people are doing the hard work to offer this idea to the entire country. We look forward to the day that this idea works for anyone, everywhere, and anytime.

From all of us here at Liberation, we say thank you to all of those that trusted us with building their dream homes. We could not be here without you!


This was written by Marcus Stoltzfus, co-owner and director of sales & marketing here at Liberation Tiny Homes.

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