How to Build With Liberation Tiny Homes | A Custom Tiny Home Builder

Purchasing a tiny home can be challenging. For many, there is a lack of parking & financing. We offer some solutions for those, but we've focused on making the process easy even with all of the moving parts.

The biggest step is to come in and meet us. We've made it easy to schedule your own appointment here at our shop. You'll get to stop by, meet with our sales team, and view our current projects. We always have 3-5 in production at one time, and it's a good way to see multiple stages of the home to give you an idea of how we build them.

The next step is to get on our production calendar. As of this post, we are booked into the spring of 2020 with more projects coming in than ever before. We are very fortunate to be where we are and to be so busy but we realize how it might conflict with your timeline. Since building a tiny house normally takes 6-10 weeks, and the rest of the process can take several months, it's still important to go through the steps. There are times when projects get pushed back on our schedule due to a clients wishes.

For a full outline of our building process, please take a look at this video and visit our Process page. You can always reach out through a PM on social media or call our office directly.

Have more questions? Check out our YouTube channel that has more videos that answer the biggest tiny house questions.

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