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You're ready to move to a new neighborhood. It's an exciting time as you pack away your belongings and plan their arrangement at your new property. A dilemma faces you, however, because the new home is significantly smaller than your current dwelling. Don't worry about fitting everything into the new home. Downsizing is actually a healthy process that can be simplified with a few tips. This article can ease your mind and make the move a logical one for everyone involved.

Benefits to Downsizing the Home

Think about your home's square footage right now. Most people don't use every inch of the home. Several rooms may be dedicated to just stuff that's been tossed to the side over the years.

Downsizing your home forces you to utilize the space that you have. It becomes a necessity, and you begin to value each space you have. There's less stress with a smaller home because its upkeep is minimal.

Your costs will ultimately drop. From mortgage payments to energy costs, these monthly charges can be incredibly low with a smaller property.

Plan the Furniture Layout

Visit the new property and measure out each room. Be aware of ceiling heights and doorway locations. Use these measurements to plan out your furniture arrangement. Any downsizing plan must include some furniture changes. You might swap out a large dresser for a smaller model, for instance. Removing the dresser entirely might be an option.

By working with real numbers, there are no surprises when you move in. Every furniture piece has an exact location.

Hold onto the Essentials

Don't get caught up in removing the smaller items from your packing boxes. Some of these items will be necessities. Keep the silverware and plates for your new kitchen. It may be smaller, but your dining habits remain the same.

If you have hundreds of clothes hangers, think about alternative uses for them. Once you have every clothing item hung up, the hangers might be useful for other purposes. If you end up with too many of one item, donating it to a local charity will further improve your downsizing talents.

Be Aware of Storage Limitations

You must hold onto your keepsakes. Memories in a box are a part of life. Take a look around the new property before the move. Consider the storage options. If your new home has extremely limited storage options, you may consider purchasing a storage locker or leaving your keepsakes with a helpful family member or friend.

Look at wall spaces that have potential too. Adding floating shelves can give you the storage space that you need. Think with a creative mind to find that storage space that complements the decor.

Learn to Let Go

Everyone has had that experience of finding an item in the home that they haven't seen in years. It has no function other than surprising you with its presence. Take this downsizing opportunity and donate items that haven't been used in the past year.

Keep the essentials, such as a formal suit, for those irregular needs. However, items that are just collecting dust don't need to be moved. You probably won't miss them as you transition into the new property.

In the end, a smaller home is easier to arrange and care for after moving from a large property. Follow the provided tips because downsizing may end up being the best thing for the family. Any strategy to make life easier is always welcome.

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