Live the life you've always dreamed of

Ever feel like your life isn't being lived to the fullest? Want to actually take control of your finances, travel, more and have peace of mind doing this thing that we only get one shot at?

Now you can.

Tiny homes are the answer for so many. We keep finding new reasons that tiny homes make sense for people just like you.

Take Control of Your Life

We all have one chance to make this thing work. Many of us spend it wasted, crushed by burdening debt that slows our hopes and dreams down. Many are not taught financial tactics from an early age and end up envying those that seem to get it right.

With student loan debt, the senior living crisis, affordable housing shortage in highly-populated areas, and lack of financial knowledge crippling many, we need a new answer.

Tiny homes allow you to live simply, affordably, and give you more opportunity to spend time doing what matters to you.

With a typical 30-year mortgage, you're tying yourself down to endless debt and financial prison. Not saying home ownership is a bad idea, but it can limit your impact on making a better life for yourself before you retire.

Live Simply

Living within your means used to be an American standard. Now you can buy a car, a house, or even a boat without thinking. You only end up using a few rooms of the house while your garage, closets, and spare bedrooms are cluttered with junk you'll never use or see unless you host a garage sale.

What does living simply mean? It means focusing on the important things in life like: family, nature, your own life, and much more. It means having less junk to worry about, taking up precious space in your mind.

Travel More

What if you could travel more because you didn't have crushing debt to worry about? Tiny homes allow for you to free up your schedule. Since they are a great Airbnb destination, you can rent out your space while you go to Europe or see your sister across the country.

Since working from home will become even more popular, you can travel in your house from state to state and do the digital-nomad lifestyle thing you've always wanted to do.

No but really, why tiny homes? Tiny homes are the custom-built option that wasn't always available to us. Now you can tell us what you want in your home, pick out all of the features, and move around the country while you work or play.

Tiny homes are built just like a regular home so you won't find cheap, plastic parts that become outdated or don't have the ability to be replaced when new styles trend.

They are also cheaper (obviously). With starting prices of our homes at $45,000 for a 24' home, you don't have to drop 6 figures for your dream home.

This is not a trend. Tiny living + minimalism are here to stay. We are remembering what it was like to live lives of purpose.

We are here to live life on our terms. We have one chance to get this right. Let's do it well.

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