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A 24' Farmhouse from Liberation Tiny Homes

In June of 2019, we held an open house here at our shop in Leola, PA. We partnered with various vendors to provide staging for the homes during the event. We asked The Chris & Claude Co., a creative space design team from Honeybrook, PA, to stage a 24' Farmhouse tiny house on wheels.

The team was up for the challenge! It was the first time that they considered a project like this and quickly agreed to try it out.

The result was so awesome! Claudia, one of the founding members, has such a unique style and it added to the spice of the 3 homes we were showing.

This home takes vintage to a whole new level

Their team came in and staged a couch that fit perfectly on the one end of the home. They added unique pillows, wall accents, and other pieces of decor that made it feel like it was stepping into another time period. Each piece felt like it belonged there, just like all of their "normal" homes.

The home's new owner is going to love this loft!

We built this home to act as an RV for an excited client. She asked for lots of storage and some other unique features that we never did before, including adding magnets on the inside of the kitchen & storage cabinet doors so that they don't fly open during transport.

Our tiny homes can act as an RV, thanks to the certification of Pacific West Associates (PWA). PWA is a great backbone to make sure our homes leave the shop as a certified project for our clients. Having the home certified by them adds value in the long run. In some cases it helps convince townships that the home is able to be lived in.

Since we are a custom builder, we add unique things like the subway tile you see in this picture

We are so grateful for the flexibility of The Chris & Claude Co. for coming in and helping to make our open house a complete success.

If you want to check them out further, here are some links that will help you out. I highly recommend seeking their other pieces of work or staying in a home of theirs on Airbnb!




More photos of the tiny house on wheels!

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