Storage Hacks for Your Tiny Home Move | Abby Drexler

Are you planning to move into a tiny home and wondering how you will organize it? Small houses are great, but you need to know how to arrange your belongings properly to create space. So, if you are thinking about moving into a tiny setting, here are some awesome hacks that will convert your little area into a spacious place.

Utilize Under-Storage

Storing your belongings under furniture is an excellent idea. Get couches, tables, and beds with built-in storage drawers. You can keep books, clothes, shoes, etc. If your tiny house does not have enough storage cabinets in the bedroom, make use of that bed with built-in drawers by storing your belongings under the bed.

Utilize the Cabinets’ Tops

When moving into a tiny home, you want to take advantage of every inch of space. If there is space between your cabinets and the ceiling, use the space for storing other belongings. To make it more appealing to the eyes, get some stylish bamboo knitted baskets or colorful plastic storage containers.

For the kitchen, store appliances you don't frequently use in their boxes and put them on top of the cabinets. You can also store other cooking apparatus into plastic storage containers and put them on the cupboards’ top. Arrange books and electronic cables in the bamboo baskets for the living room cabinets. Use the same baskets for the bedrooms, corridor, and bathroom. You will be creating space and styling your tiny home.

Make Use of Corners

When it comes to creating space, corners also play a crucial role. Install shelves that fit every free corner in your tiny house. You can use the shelves for storing spices in the kitchen, flower vases, books, and frames in the living room.

In the bathroom, the shelves at the corner will organize your towels, shampoos, shower gels, etc. For your bedroom, you can use the corner shelves for frames, candles, and other decorative things.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Using a bed to sleep at night and turning it into a couch during the day sounds like a great idea. At night, your mattress will fill the bedroom. But as soon as you wake up and fold the bed, you will have a beautiful couch and a lot of space to ease your movements.

Additionally, buy furniture that will give you extra services. For instance, purchase couches with shelves on the sides to store your books or beds and tables with shelves to store your magazines and other decorations.

Install Cabinets with Interior Organizers

To achieve enough space in your little home, install cabinets with interior organizers. You can hang your cooking pans and pots. Additionally, you can use internal organizers to store your spices.

For the bedrooms, you can use the interior cabinet organizers to store your underwear, shoes, handbags, etc. You can also use the same storage technique to arrange your bathroom by putting in towels, oils, soaps, shampoos, shaving kits, etc.

Hang Your Belongings

There are many ways to hang stuff around the house to create space. For instance, you can install a hanger with hooks on the walls to store your spoons, knives, and cooking pans. You can also hang your pans and cooking pots from the ceiling if you don’t have enough cabinets.

In the living room, create space and glam your home by hanging small and unique enclosed glasses with flowers inside from the ceiling. The trend goes well in the dining area. On the back of the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom doors, Install a hanger with hooks. You can hang things like towels, coats, handbags, and spoons, pans, cooking wooden sticks for the kitchen.

Install Shelves On the Wall

Having many shelves on the wall creates more space. You can have one side of the border with many stands in the living room to store your books, magazines, flower vases, frames, and other decorations. You can also consider shelving your bedroom, corridor, and bathroom walls. You will use the shelves to store books, clothes, towels, beddings, shoes, etc.

Utilize Your Staircase

Instead of wasting all that space under the staircase, why don't you call an expert to convert it into storage drawers? The drawers can be handy to store stationery, shoes, games, and toys for your kids.


Now that you have great ideas to help you move to your tiny home don't let anything stop you. Get out, and get the organizing process started, move in and enjoy your stay!

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