Tiny Homes + Your Pets

Tiny homes offer a great way to cut down on costs, your footprint on the earth, and a way to control your life like never before. What about your pets?

We encounter all kinds of kinds here at Liberation. Every walk and background enter our doors in hope of a new life.

Including the four-legged kind.

Many tiny home owners also wish to bring along their pets on this new journey. Over the years we have helped to assist this in many ways.

A great solution for this is a stairs with storage option. We have even custom built a litter box for the clients' cat!

Next to this dishwasher is a built-in entry way for the cat that is living in the home. This is a great way to keep the litter box contained and to avoid dirt everywhere.

Even larger dogs can live with you. It would be important to know if they can climb stairs. You can obviously train them to do so, if you wish to allow them in the loft.

The best way to approach living with pets is to think about their needs. Where will their food go? Where will they go to do their....business? Are you living on a piece of land that allows for plenty of outdoor exercise? If you can answer these questions with ease, then tiny living is a viable option for your pet!

The house with the dog was stylized by the pets owner, Stephanie Wolf. She owns an Etsy store called Little Fish Place and you can view it here. She is considering tiny living in the future and would want to include the dog in its plans!

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