Tiny House Industry Profile | Michael A. Carmona

Q: What is your role in pushing the tiny house industry forward?

A: Our role is of course to provide an insurance solution for people’s tiny homes but to also make sure that they are properly covered since there are a few ways to go about it but not all of them are right. Some people may get an RV policy but an RV policy has too many gaps in coverage that we would be doing our customers a disservice if we were to recommend it. We provide a true tiny house homeowners policy that fills many of the gaps that tiny house dwellers come across. Another important role I believe we do is to move the tiny house insurance movement forward as well. When the possibility of insuring a tiny house became possible, it was usually expensive and would only cover the home. Now along with the help of our customers, we have been able to build a policy that is affordable and provides coverage for most if not all tiny house situations.

Q: How has a failure set yourself up for later success?

A: Fortunately, we haven’t had any major setbacks but we can’t say that the insurance industry has been easy for tiny houses. Being honest and trying our best for our customers has been our recipe for success in the tiny house insurance industry.

Q: What is the tool under $100 that will positively impact a tiny house dweller?

A: Not a lot of tools under $100 that I think of but most I see a jack being useful.

Q: In the next 5 years, what will change the most within the industry?

A: I believe legalization of living in a tiny house in one form or another. So many things have moved forward in the industry, but I think the biggest impact would be allowing people to live in their tiny houses without worry of the local government telling them they can’t.

Q: What are bad recommendations that you hear within the industry?

A: As an insurance agent, a bad recommendation I have heard is to get an RV or manufactured home insurance policy. They have a lot of exclusions and restrictions where our policy does not. We get calls all the time of people being dropped because the insurance company said it would be okay but turns out later it isn’t. Save yourself the headache and get it right the first time, especially since the cost is now similar to an RV or manufactured home policy.

-Michael A Carmona

MAC Insurance, Inc





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