Tiny House Shells | How a Head Start Can Create The Foundation For a New Life

If you're reading this, you're interested in tiny homes. You've been researching how to live a new life inside of a 300 sg. ft. or less structure for some time now. You've read everything there is on tiny homes, done your research on tiny home builders, and are putting together the final pieces of the tiny house puzzle.

Some of you are even considering building your own to save cost. Starting a build from scratch has resulted in so much frustration. Frustration that could be avoided with a tiny house shell.

What is a tiny house shell?

A tiny house shell is a home from Liberation Tiny Homes that gives the DIY-er a perfect head start to their project. It always starts with a custom trailer built by our partner, The Trailer Shoppe, here in Lancaster County, PA. A big frustration for many is not having the first few steps established, which results in frustration down the road when completing tasks like installing wall boards or getting the flooring just right.

To assist our clients, we offer various stages of completion. Each of which we highlight below:


Stage 1 Shell

This is the first option of a shell that we offer. It includes a trailer from 12' to 32' long, 8.5' to 10' wide, or even a goose neck option up to 40' long. From there, we 2x4 frame the house with either wood or steel. We add the subfloor and home wrap to finish it off. Your trailer will be insulated with any of our shell options. You can either choose our standard of Rockwool or have the trailer spray-foamed as well. You do have the option of having our team insulate the entire home as an upgrade.

Stage 2 Shell

This option includes everything in a Stage 1, but includes a fully-finished exterior. Your choice of siding, roofing, door, and windows are included in this. Just like the Stage 1, your interior is roughed-in to your liking, including interior walls for the bathroom or a first floor bedroom.

Stage 3 Shell

Everything from the Stage 2 is offered but also includes electrical and plumbing rough-ins. We can also add a mini-split heating & cooling option as well.

What Is Left to Build?

If you purchase a Stage 3 from us, you have all of the "bones" of your house ready to go. Now comes the fun part! You add the flooring, cabinetry, wall boards, fixtures, and anything else that you want to add to make the house feel like a home. Many of our clients who self-build know a friend who can help with this stage of the home.

What Are The Advantages of a Shell?

If you are building your own tiny home, learning how to be a plumber, an electrician, a framer, or any of the other trades represented in a project can be daunting. The shell gives you a foundation in which you can feel fully comfortable in building your dream home. Since much of the difficult job is done, you can focus on the fine details. Now you can create what you envisioned without the major stress of building something completely from scratch. Having the home enclosed can also allow you to build in the extremes of weather, when normally you would have to worry about keeping your home covered. You can finish your home in the cold weather or heat of summer and feel great about leaving your project outdoors.


Building a shell is the most efficient thing we can build. It takes our team just a few days to build a Stage 1 shell, and a few more for a Stage 2 or 3. From the order date, it takes about 4 or 5 weeks to build stage 2 or 3. It will be quicker for a Stage 1, but the trailer is the product that we wait for the longest. It generally takes 3 weeks for us to receive a trailer from our manufacturer.

If you are a cash client, we ask to receive the full amount by the beginning of the project. Generally speaking, we sit down with you to design the home and ask for 30% at the time of that meeting. The remainder is due between then and the start of the build. That gives us enough to order the rest of the materials.

Since tiny house shells are completed quickly and efficiently by our team, we can fit them anywhere in our schedule. Since we are normally booked out for 2 or 3+ months, a shell is a faster way to have your tiny house from Liberation Tiny Homes!

Want to get started? Start by visiting our contact page or email our sales manager, Matt Meshey, directly at matt@liberationtinyhomes.com

Visit this portion of the site for pricing, including info on how to save up to 10% on shells until the end of February.

You can have your home financed by visiting LightStream, a trusted loan office within the tiny house industry.

You can receive insurance for your self-build from our partner, MAC Insurance.

You can also call in to our office Monday through Fridays at 717-327-3890.

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