Top Tips for Decluttering Your Tiny Home

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

One thing that homeowners are all too aware of is that things can quickly and very easily take up space in your home. And when you're living in a house with less square feet than the usual, clutter can pile up ten times quicker. Thankfully, you can take back control of your tiny home — and life — by decluttering.

In fact, tidying up your home by keeping the essentials and stepping up your organization game is key for the simplistic tiny home lifestyle. For instance, The Liberation Team previously shared how a "tiny office" can do a world of good for your productivity. But you can't create this space if your home's a mess. That said, here are some top tips to help you live clutter-free in your tiny home:

Invest in Double-Duty Furniture

For tiny homeowners, multi-purpose furniture is your best friend. Coffee tables or ottomans with hidden compartments, for instance, will provide you with more storage space to tuck away your possessions. But be sure to properly organize them. Let's say, for instance, that you'll store your clothes in an ottoman. CNET notes that the rolling method for your everyday clothing is a great space-saving trick. Overall, look for pieces that not only help free up space in your tiny home, but have a functional design to them as well.

Prioritize Purpose

Chances are, you've probably heard of Marie Kondo's method of decluttering, where you keep items that spark joy. While this is great for letting go of things you aren't emotionally attached to, this isn't the best idea for tiny home living because you could still end up holding onto more items than you should.

When it comes to your special small space, recognizing your possessions is your key to happiness. To evaluate its role in your life, ask yourself additional questions like, "Is it part of my daily routine?" or "Does it bring peace in my life?" From there, you can figure out which items should stay and which ones belong in the donation box.

Commit to a Regular Decluttering Routine

Have you ever felt stressed out by clutter? The New York Times reports that it can actually heighten your cortisol — a stress hormone. Thus, decluttering not only keeps your home organized, but it also protects your mental well-being. After all, simplifying your life is fundamental to the tiny home lifestyle. To this end, it should be practiced frequently, as small, regular decluttering tasks are much more doable than leaving clutter to build up and having a harder time decluttering once or twice a year.

Plus, leaving your decluttering to be done once in a blue moon means that your clutter becomes a haven for dust and mold. A how to guide on getting rid of mold on HomeServe points out that it can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and eye irritation. This is especially true for the parts of your home with poor ventilation and high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens. Whether it's a weekly or monthly routine, decluttering regularly helps free your home (and mind, too) from any mess.

Maximize Your Wall Space

If you're lacking room to store your essential items, the vertical space of your tiny home can do wonders for your decluttering. From adding shelves to extra cabinets, making the most of your walls can help you stay on top of your home's cleanliness and organization. Not to mention, you don't always have to rely on standard storage spaces to help you organize. You can get creative, with Elle Decor suggesting creating stylish wall pockets out of leather — or whatever fabric you prefer. An efficient storage system will help you maintain a clutter-free home, since you'll know where everything should go.

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