Working From Home + Tiny Living

This Farmhouse had a custom desk option for the client!

With the world ever-changing, one big advantage of our digital world is becoming clear: we can work from home more, travel while working, and so much more!

That is where tiny homes enter the conversation...

With so many options for the work force, we wanted to dive into how working from home can change your life and your career.

Productivity Boost

Working from home can be a big boost to productivity. With less commuting times and less interruptions that have to do with other members of staff. Waking up in a healthy & positive atmosphere can keep you focused and happier. Now if only you didn't have that pesky TV to worry about...

Reduced Sickness Levels

Not having to be around other team members who are sick can be a good thing, but also a bad thing if you want to build up your immune sickness. Working around someone who has a cold or other illnesses can be distracting.


Imagine owning your own business and a tiny house at the same time. You are not tied down to one specific location and can move if you need to. Plenty of industries could lead your small business to other cities or towns. Staying flexible can be an important way to drive revenue into your business. The convenience of not having to get up and commute to work can be life changing! A local coffee shop can serve as a meeting location if you don't want to host clients in-house.

Saving Money

You'll see a savings in not having to commute as often, less time wasted, and renting an office space is no longer necessary with a "tiny office." You can also spend less on a work wardrobe, food costs, and coffee costs. Sure, there will be an energy increase when you are working from home, but in a tiny house that is peanuts compared to what you are saving.

You're Own Schedule

Want to work at midnight? Other odd hours? Not feeling it at 8 AM when everyone else is working? Now you can without being judged for doing so! WOOT WOOT! Stumble into your office at noon if you want to. The benefits of working during your body's productive hours are many!

This Modern tiny home has a desk that is built into the loft, allowing the client to dangle her feet over the edge. It utilizes space and is a creative solution to have your own office

You Can Customize Your Tiny Home + Office

When you are thinking about the design of your tiny home, and you want to include an office, you can create something that is perfect for you! Typically when renting or purchasing an office, you'll have to spend precious dollars repairing the space to make it your own. Save that time, energy, and money by creating something that works right away.

Traveling and Working

While it is beneficial to take vacations and escape your work life, it can also be fun to do both at the same time. Imagine working for a firm in California while traveling to Canada? It is now more possible than ever. Technology is bringing us together while allowing us more personal freedoms. What a time to be alive!

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